Looking for clothing produced with a lot of attention for the fit, comfort, quality and durability? Clothing made under a production chain with the strictest environmental certificates? 100% ORGANIC, organic cotton that is used and harvested in a VEGAN process with as little water as possible? In that case we would like to propose STANLEY/STELLA! Our favourite option in terms of customisable QUALITY garments.

For over 20 years, the brand has had a modern vision on promotional textiles: close-fitting cuts, neat finishing. This year, Kariban is renewing and modernising the Vintage collection. In addition, a new Premium collection is introduced with only quality products: T-shirts and polo shirts made of Supima® cotton, light stretch, jeans. Kariban has a wide range of both work and leisure clothing. Available in various colours for women, men and children.

Looking for promotional clothing? Be sure to take a look at the Gildan brand.
The Canadian brand trumps with colours and offers comfortable basics for women, men and kids at very competitive prices. Especially for the European market, they have introduced the “Soft style” range which meets the needs of the market.

Fruit of the Loom is probably one of the best-known brands in the promotional textile market for more than 30 years. Because it is an accessible brand, they managed to win customer loyalty through the variety of colours and comfortable products.



The Belgian brand offers all essential items within the promotional textile. Most of them are Oeko-Tex 100 certified. Known for its wide range of colours and a whole series of timeless items, B&C still manages to keep the range innovative. This year the brand expands the new #E collection with the arrival of the long-sleeved T-shirts.


Looking for a specific brand or type of clothing not listed above?
Then please visit our entire catalogue below. Haven’t found what you’re looking for yet? Feel free to contact us via the contact page. De Print Prins cooperates with various distributors in Europe that are not always listed above.

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