Embroidery is a more traditional technique that provides a professional look. We recommend embroidery on textiles with a slightly coarser structure such as fleece, ribbed fabric, etc… Embroidery is also ideal on our softshell jackets. The neoprene structure provides a nice 3D effect! Does the garment get washed at a high temperature or does it go to the dry cleaner? In that case, embroidery is recommended!

The delivery time of embroidery is slightly longer. It is best to take a delivery time of 20 working days into account.

Cost price:

At the start, the design is drawn in an embroidery program. This is a fixed cost where the number of colours is not important. The cost price to draw your design is 65 euros excluding VAT. Then a price will be made per design. This price depends on the size of the design itself. When embroidering, a calculation of how many needed stitches is made. The larger the design, the more stitches there are required. For this reason, it is best to avoid large padded areas in your design, because of the cost price but also for the final weight of the design. A combination with screen printing is also possible..

  • Professional look

  • Best solution for dry cleaning and washing at higher temperatures

  • One-off cost per design

  • Ideal for coarser fabrics

Good to know:

The number of colours is not important. After all, embroidery machines are automated and switch between up to 12 different colours!
The minimum print run for embroidery is 20 pieces. The design should be sent as .jpg or pdf with high resolution.

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