Screen printing

Screen printing is by far the most popular printing technique for textiles. Screen printing ensures the most durable adhesion. The printed logo remains just as beautiful on the textile, even after countless washes!

Screen printing : The process

We print your personal design per colour on transparent inkjet foil. After this, a ‘sieve’ of polyester mesh is coated with a UV-sensitive emulsion. This mesh is stretched in a metal frame. This tool is often called a ‘cliché’. The inkjet foil with the logo/design is placed on the UV-sensitive emulsion. This makes it possible to expose the right parts of the coated frame very accurately. After exposure, the screen is ready to be sprayed under high pressure. Just a little drying and ready: a finished sieve. Then the cliché has to be set and registered in our printing machine. During registration, everything gets a final check again. Once our tunnel dryer and intermediate dryer are warmed up, everything is ready for production. We apply the chosen ink in the right sieve and print! Through the sprayed-out part of the cliché the paint is ‘pushed’ into the textile fibers. After drying, the screen-printing process is finished, and the textile is ready for use. The exposed screens are cleaned and recoated in a completely ecological way so that they can be used again for other projects.


Screen printing: Costs

As mentioned above, screen printing is the best option for larger print runs. After all, for each colour of the design a cliché is made and set. In other words: the larger the print run, the lower the cost price per piece! For making and setting up 1 screen we charge 35 euros excl. VAT.
Because of the labour intensity of screen printing, printing a print run smaller than 15 pieces of textile is impossible and, in that case, we would like to refer to another form of printing: flex transfer. In addition to the one-off cost for setting up and making a cliché, there is also a printing cost per piece. Under this collective name things like paint costs, electricity, chemicals, etc. are considered. This cost is therefore very variable depending on the number of colours in the design, or the amount of designs per piece and starts from 0.50 euro per piece of textile excl. VAT.

  • Most durable adhesion
  • Best solution for larger print runs
  • Individual drying guarantees the best result
  • Printing possible up to 4 different colours in the design

Good to know

Before we make a free quote, it is important to know at which exact position you would like the design to be printed. The maximum printable area is 35 x 50 cm. It is impossible to print on seams, folds, buttons and zippers. This would result in inconsistent printing. We always take a margin of 3 cm between the edge of a button or pleat to guarantee a good print.

We recommend the following minimum print runs:

1 colour: edition > 15 pieces

2 colours: edition > 20 pieces

3 colours: edition > 30 pieces

Transfer printing

Flex transfer

Flex printing is a form of printing that allows us to print smaller numbers in 1 colour. The design is cut with a plotter on flex foil. The cut-out design is then pressed onto the desired textile with our heat press. By setting the right temperature and the necessary pressure we can guarantee a durable adhesion. There is a wide range of colours to choose from, including fluorescent, metallic and the like. Clothing can be washed afterwards at 40°C. The price per transfer depends on the size of the design.

The minimum print run for flex printing is 8 pieces.

Screen printing transfer

Screen print transfer is the solution if you are looking for a larger print run with complex printing. Logos with very fine details and/or shadows can be printed with transfer printing.



Same principle as screen printing.

Good to know

With both forms of transfer printing it is possible to print a photo. Screen print transfer is the most durable option here.

The minimum print run of screen print transfer is very variable. Different factors are important here. For a free price indication or more information, please feel free to contact us via the contact page.

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