Textile printing or embroidering?

In need of printed or embroidered textiles? Then you’ve come to the right place! The Print Prince is known for durable printing and fine embroidery on quality textiles in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Our customer base is very dynamic and consists mainly of large to small companies, sport clubs, catering establishments, clothing brands and even enthusiastic groups of friends who are looking for a nice gift or way to express their close friendship.

What does your shirt say?

Promotional textile speaks. Your favourite design, quote or personalized logo durably printed or embroidered on your chosen piece of textile is our specialty. Promotional textile shows others where you have been or where you want to go.

Promotional textiles can stand for what you believe in, a charity you support, or show that you were at a great festival. It differentiates you in a large group and it can bring people together as a close-knit team. In other words, personalized textiles are ideal for a company, sports club or group of friends. Printed textile also inspires others and is often a real conversation starter.


The choice between printing or embroidering clothing is often made quickly. After all, every shape has its own advantages and disadvantages. Below you can find extra information about the possibilities at The Print Prince.
Something not quite clear or would you like advice without obligation?
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Printing textiles can be done in different ways. For an optimal result it is important to choose the right form of printing. Below you will find more information about all the possibilities at The Print Prince.


Embroidery provides a very professional look. However, there are some important factors to consider. More about them below.

About Us

We are a professional, self-sufficient screen-printing studio in the province of Antwerp. We offer high quality hand printed T-shirts, sweaters and other merchandise. We print for brands, companies, (youth) associations as well as events.
If you are looking for printed textiles from 5 to 150 000 pieces you have come to the right place. Every project starts with equal care and attention. That’s why we make a tailor-made offer for every order. You can rest assured that you are in good hands with us. Feel free to follow us on social media like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to stay informed about our active projects and examples.


Customer satisfaction

Companies such as The Print Prince have to choose between three well-known factors: Price, Quality and Production speed. We consciously choose the ‘Quality’ factor. After 25 years of experience in the industry we, as the second generation, are also convinced that we can build a lasting relationship with you in order to achieve a wonderful result. We do our utmost to keep our delivery time as short as possible. 15 working days is customary. The Print Prince goes that extra mile through personal service, free delivery in Antwerp and open communication throughout the entire process.


Personal Service

Free Delivery

“During the start-up of a small clothing brand, I soon noticed that screen printing is the best option for textile printing.

However, finding an enthusiastic screen-printing company with transparent communication about the production process was a challenge.

When I heard that a screen printer with more than 25 years of experience in the industry wanted to quit his business, I saw this as a unique opportunity to take over the aforementioned business and to make good use of the valuable existing know-how”.

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